Father’s Day Special: Martial Arts Movies to Watch

Spend quality time with Dad with these highly recommended martial arts films and shows specially curated by this Mama. Happy Father’s Day!

If Dad is a huge fan of martial arts films, here are some really entertaining ones that are sure to thrill with their high kicks, skillful blocks, spins, and stunts.

The Ip Man Anthology

Ip Man the movie

Bruce Lee fans will recognize Ip Man as his master and mentor. There are several productions dedicated to Lee’s teacher and trainer. The movie “Ip Man” starring Donnie Yen is both entertaining and enlightening. If you know little of this man and of Wing Chung (of which he specializes), this is a wonderful movie to start with. The stuntwork is enthralling and the fast action is engaging. There is no dull moment in this movie. If watching the first one leaves you pining for more, the movie series goes all the way to its 4th and final installment which was released just late last year.

For a more in-depth look as to how Ip Man started getting into Wing Chun and an overview of China’s geopolitics during that era, the Ip Man TV series is the way to go. With Kevin Cheng as Ip Man, the movie dives into his youth and how his ideologies were formed as he deals with the politics of China during that time. Word of warning though, the series ends with Season 1 with no news of future productions as of yet.

Kung Fu Killers

If you are as impressed with Donnie Yen as Ip Man as we have, Yen also plays a fugitive and police informant in “Kung Fu Killers“. Though the last statement seems paradoxical, you have to watch the movie to understand why. An action-packed thriller showcasing different martial arts, the movie tries to track down a killer on the loose. Available FREE with Amazon Prime.

The Great Magician

The Great Magician

For a different take on martial arts, you shouldn’t miss Tony Leung in “The Great Magician“. The marriage of magic arts and martial arts is not only refreshing (if you’re getting weary of the traditional fight scenes) and the plot is no lightweight either. With its character twists, feuding warlords, and Japanese soldiers, it provides a colorful backdrop for the magician to weave his magic in this fantasy action movie.

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Hero starring Jet Li

Ready to watch all these great actors in one movie? check out Hero which stars Jet Li as well as Donnie Yen and Tony Leung. This star-studded movie also includes Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon alum Ziyi Zhang, and Maggie Cheung who played the wife of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen in The Soong Sisters.

Based on a very old tale of Jing Ke, who tried to assassinate the Emperor, Jet Li plays the character who is “Nameless” in the movie. With its fanciful plot twists, heightened story-telling, and color schemes, viewers will have to stay engaged to keep up with the many variations and backstories to keep up with the narratives. Sword fights and spear fights will keep you in suspense as to who will kill whom first.


Jackie Chan Presents “Wushu”

With Jackie Chan as executive producer and Chinese film favorite, Sammo Hung, as the lead father figure and beloved teachers, Wushu is set in a martial arts school where the children learn the true meaning of what the discipline is all about and what happens when those skills are used for nefarious reasons, like in this case, in the kidnapping of children. This movie is PG-13 and can create good talking points with the younger members of the family.

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Enjoy Father’s Day Sunday with Dad as you spend some quality time watching quality films together. There are many more quality martial arts films out there so feel free to add your suggestions in the comments below.

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